Senators Warn of Carcinogen Risk with E-Cigarettes

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Senators Warn of Carcinogen Risk with E-Cigarettes

May 13, 2014~ Eight members of the U.S. Senate are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to examine new research suggesting that some electronic cigarettes can produce dangerous carcinogens similar to those from traditional cigarettes. In a letter sent Thursday, the Democratic lawmakers say that the FDA should work to protect e- cigarette users and those nearby from cancer-causing vapors apparently produced by high-powered nicotine devices, known as tank systems. Electronic cigarettes mainly consist of a battery, heating coil and a tank that holds flavored liquid nicotine. As users puff on the e-cigarette, the battery heats the coil and the liquid is turned into a vapor that is inhaled like smoke from a traditional cigarette. Tank systems are generally larger e-cigarettes – about the size of an electronic toothbrush – that can hold more nicotine and an extended battery supply. Studies first reported by The New York Times suggest that these devices get hot enough to produce toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, a carcinogen also found in traditional cigarettes.

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