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Partnership for Prevention E-Cigarette Position Statement New

Help Your Patients Quit Tobacco Use: An Implementation Guide for Community Health Centers 

• ActionToQuit Fact Sheet 

UKanQuit: The University of Kansas Hospital Patient Tobacco Cessation Program

Addressing Tobacco Use Through Healthcare Systems, April 2013

Meaninful Use, Tobacco Cessation, and State Tobacco Control Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

Save Lives and Money: Help People on Medicaid Quit Tobacco 2012

State Tobacco Cessation Policy: ActionToQuit Case Studies, April 2012

A Policy Paper - Saving Money: The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation Benefit 

• A Policy Brief - Saving Money: The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation Benefit 

• Helping Patients Quit: Implementing the Joint Commission Tobacco Measure Set in Your Hospital, October 2011

• State Tobacco Cessation Alliance Summits: ActionToQuit Summit Survey Report, August 2011

• Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States: ActionToQuit Case Studies, June 2011

• Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership, a Case Study, May 2011

• ActionToQuit State Grant Program 2010

ActionToQuit State Grant Program 2011

• Save Lives and Money - Help State Employees Quit Tobacco

• Health-Care Systems and Tobacco Cessation

• Investing in a Tobacco Free Future: How it Benefits Your Bottom-line and Community

• Investing in Health: Proven Health Promotion Practices for Workplaces

• Smoke-free Policies: Establishing a Smoke-Free Ordinance to Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Indoor Worksites and Public Places

• Priorities Among Effective Clinical Prevention Services (erratum)


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