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The ActionToQuit Network

The ActionToQuit Network is an affiliation of over 2000 tobacco control leaders and advocates interested in policy and system change.

  • is the web home of the ActionToQuit Network.
  • A listserv provides a daily opportunity for tobacco control leaders and advocates to receive up-to-date information on:
    • Upcoming events (conferences, webinars, trainings, etc.)
    • Research and funding opportunities
    • New studies and publications
    • New resources (toolkits, video, policy reports, fact sheets, etc.)
    • Federal announcements, state projects/successes,
    • Information on at-risk populations (military, behavioral health, youth, etc.)
    • News and press releases
    • Public comment opportunities
    • Emerging topics (e-cigarettes, technology and cessation, endgame)
  • Free webinars are offered periodically, spotlighting experts who address health systems change, worksite health, colleges and other current tobacco control topics.
  • Interviews highlight the work and viewpoints of subject matter experts in tobacco control.

To join the ActionToQuit Network, please look to the right hand side of this page and sign up.