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ActionToQuit State Grant Program 2010

ActionToQuit State Grants in 2010 were awarded to Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New England, New York and Virginia for the implementation of innovative strategies to increase access to tobacco cessation treatments. Funds were used primarily for the development of state alliances/summit meetings and the creation of strategic plans. The six original ActionToQuit grantees also received funds to continue efforts made in 2010. Funds awarded were used to implement the state strategic plans developed during the first year of the program.

Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States: ActionToQuit Case Studies, June 2011

ActionToQuit State Grant Program Poster

ActionToQuit State Grant Program Guide

2010 ActionToQuit State Grantee Summaries and Presentations

Colorado – Cessation Coverage and Treatment for Colorado’s Uninsured

Florida – Using Social Media at a State Tobacco Cessation Summit to Create an Action Plan

Nevada – Reaching Disparate Populations with Tobacco Cessation Treatment to Increase Cessation Access for All Nevadans

New England – Duplicating the Massachusetts Medicaid Comprehensive Cessation Benefit Throughout New England

New York – Securing Cessation Coverage as a Core Benefit in NYS Health Plans

Virginia – Establishing Tobacco Cessation Treatment in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Programs