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State Projects

The ActionToQuit State Policy Program funded innovative projects that expanded the use of tobacco cessation treatments. The focus of the ActionToQuit state grants was system and policy change in tobacco cessation, which was accomplished through the strengthening of state level alliances for tobacco cessation. These alliances charted a course for increasing coverage for these services in states, strengthening quitlines, working with health systems/employers/insurers, and promoting the importance of tobacco cessation. The ActionToQuit State Policy Program has served as a catalyst in states, raising awareness of the need for expanded access to tobacco cessation treatment.

State Tobacco Cessation Policy: ActionToQuit Case Studies, April 2012

A Policy Paper – Saving Money: The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation Benefit  

A Policy Brief – The Masschusetts Tobacco Cessation Benefit

State Tobacco Cessation Alliance Summits: ActionToQuit Summit Survey Report, August 2011

Increasing Access to Tobacco Cessation in States: ActionToQuit Case Studies, June 2011

Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership, a Case Study, May 2011

ActionToQuit State Grant Program 2011

ActionToQuit State Grant Program 2010