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Australia Tobacco Law Did Not Infringe Rights - Court

October 5, 2012   Australia’s highest court in August dismissed a challenge by international cigarette companies to tough anti-tobacco marketing laws in a major test case that means from Dec. 1, cigarettes and tobacco products must be sold in plain green packets with graphic health warnings, such as pictures of mouth cancer and other smoking-related illnesses. Read More.

Teen Smoking Linked To Earlier Death

October 5, 2012   Teenagers who smoke are more likely to die of heart disease decades down the line, even if they quit by the time they’re middle-aged,  researchers have found. Read More.

Nine Out of Ten Smokers Would Fire Up a Child’s Cigarette

October 4, 2012   A thought-provoking new hidden camera video shows two girls, one nine and the other ten years old, approaching random smokers on the square outside of the main train station in Aarhus and asking for either a light or a cigarette. Read More.

Congressman Who Compared Cigarettes to Smoking Lettuce Becomes Lobbyist for R.J. Reynolds

October 4, 2012   A former 18-year member of Congress who was a longtime friend of the tobacco industry while in office has become a paid consultant and registered lobbyist for tobacco giant Reynolds American. Read More.

Cigarette Price Increases Don’t Burden Low-Income New Yorkers, Smoking Does

October 3, 2012   High cigarettes taxes are not punitive; they save lives. New York State’s high cigarette tax ($4.35 per pack, the highest in the country, with another $1.50 per pack in New York City) is only one element of a comprehensive strategy that has effectively reduced smoking rates well below the national rate. Read More.

High Toxic Compounds Found In Tobacco Not Regulated By Law

October 3, 2012   Researchers from the University of Alicante (Spain) have analyzed ten brands of cigarettes and found that the concentrations of certain harmful and carcinogenic substances vary significantly from one brand to another. Read More.

Smoking Clouds the Brain After Stroke

October 2, 2012   Smoking is a risk factor for cognitive impairment for people who continue to smoke and this ability to problem-solve and make decisions has implications for patients’ health and self-management of care. Read More.

Smoke-Free for 5 Years

October 2, 2012   A study done in Minnesota shows that there is a noticeable decline in heart attacks and in exposure to second-hand smoke. It could be thanks - in part - to the Minnesota Clean Air Act. Read More.

Boston Set to Become Largest City in US to Ban Smoking in Public Housing

October 1, 2012   Next week, Boston will become largest city in the country to ban smoking in public housing. Read More.

Many Menthol Smokers Say They Would Quit if Menthols Were No Longer Available

September 28, 2012   A new study released today in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) presents the first peer-reviewed data on menthol smokers’  behavioral intention if menthol cigarettes were taken off the market, a decision pending with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read More.

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