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Research Shows Tobacco’s Price is Largest Factor in Reducing Smoking Prevalence

November 1, 2012   New research released in the November 2012 supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) illustrates that the price of tobacco is the largest contributing factor to reducing smoking prevalence in Minnesota. Read More.

How Employers Impact their Bottom Line by Helping Employees Quit Smoking

November 1, 2012   A cultural shift is driving management to take on employee smoking as a way to reduce health care costs and increase productivity, and smoking cessation programs are increasingly being rolled out as part of an organization’s overall wellness program. Read More.

Kids Who Smoke Menthol More Likely to Get Hooked

October 31, 2012   Kids who experiment with menthol cigarettes are more likely to become habitual smokers than their peers who start out with the regular variety, new research findings suggest. Read More.

Gene May Be Tied to Both Smoking and ADHD, Study Suggests

October 31, 2012   Smoking and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) share a common genetic risk factor, and childhood ADHD may increase the likelihood of smoking later in life, a new study suggests. Read More.

Smoke-Free Laws Are Saving Lives

October 30, 2012   You can’t smoke in most restaurants and malls, and those laws may be responsible for saving thousands of lives. Read More.

Women Who Smoke During Pregnancy Could Put their Future Grandchildren

October 30, 2012   Women who smoke while pregnant may not only cause health problems for their children – but also their children’s children. Read More.

Women Smokers Who Quit Before Age 30 Could Evade Early Death

October 29, 2012   A new UK study of 1 million women finds those who quit smoking by age 30 can almost completely eliminate the increased risk of dying early compared to never smokers, while those who quit by the age of 40, can cut it by 90%. Read More.

ITGA Leads First-Ever World Tobacco Growers’ Day to Unite Farmers, Protect 30 Million Jobs

October 29, 2012   To mark the first-ever World Tobacco Growers’ Day  today, tobacco farmers across the globe are taking part in dozens of events to highlight the disastrous impact World Health Organisation proposals will have on their livelihoods… Read More.

Health advocates celebrate higher tobacco prices

October 26, 2012   Public health activists and officials say the higher cost of tobacco products as a result of the latest state tax increases is creating an effective deterrent for youth. Read More.

Smokers at Higher Risk of Another Stroke: Study

October 26, 2012   People who are smokers at the time of their first stroke have a greater risk of another stroke, heart attack or death than those who never smoked, according to a study by Australian researchers. Read More.

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