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7 Ways the Smoking Ban Changed Our Lives

July 2, 2014   The changes, all positive, include cleaner clothes that last longer, the awareness of new aromas and the realization that it is simply not cool to smoke.

Passive Exposure to Tobacco Linked to Increased Allergies in Children

July 2, 2014   An interview with Dr. Wojciech Feleszko of The Medical University of Warsaw answers questions on the link between tobacco exposure and allergies in children.

‘The New Yorker’ Profiles ‘Mad’ Magazine as an Anti-Smoking Ad Pioneer

July 1, 2014   The New Yorker ran an excellent article last week about Mad magazine’s big anti-smoking push during the ‘60s,  which resulted not only in tons of hilarious tobacco ad parodies but some fake smoker-friendly inventions that, had the industry paid any attention to the small ad-free satirical magazine, could’ve potentially kick-started the e-cigarette boom decades earlier.

Children Exposed to Smoking at Risk of Ear Infections

July 1, 2014   Researchers found there has been a significant increase in the general population’s risk perception of second-hand smoke for asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, and bronchitis since the late 1990s.

Teenagers Easily Hooked On Smoking With Menthols; Are They The Reason For Rising Youth Smoking Rates

June 30, 2014   Teenagers who smoke menthols smoke more cigarettes per day than their peers, a new Canadian study finds.

Smoking at Trendy Hubble-Bubble Cafes May Increase Risk of Heart Disease, Say Experts

June 30, 2014   People who smoke shisha regularly could be increasing the threat of heart disease, according to new research.

E-cigarettes Put Corporate Smoking Policies to the Test

June 27, 2014   James Donessoni has been vaping at his desk for four years.Every 10 minutes or so, the Rhode Island graphic designer takes a drag on his e-cigarette, inhaling an aerosol made from heated liquid nicotine.

Billboards and the Public Perception of Smoking

June 27, 2014   Not long ago, the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel were ubiquitous via out-of-home advertising.

If You Snus, You Lose: Study Shows Benefits of Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

June 26, 2014   A new study offers evidence that quitting smokeless tobacco after a heart attack is about as beneficial as quitting smoking.

Quitting Gradually or Abruptly: Which Is Better?

June 26, 2014   Smokers who are prompted to quit by health professionals are encouraged, and more likely, to quit gradually than abruptly.

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