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Blumenthal Announces Historic Steps In Fight Against Big Tobacco, Calls For More To Be Done

April 9, 2012   On Major League Baseball’s opening day, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) announced details of an historic rule restricting the use of smokeless tobacco by players, managers, and coaches on and off the field. He also called for more funding of new anti-tobacco ads, which began showing on March 19th as part of a national media campaign, which have doubled the numbers of people seeking help to quit smoking. He also urged parents to make sure their children see the ads.

“This opening day is truly historic because children will no longer see their heroes – baseball’s stars, managers or coaches – with chewing tobacco products on or off the field,” Blumenthal said. “Major League Baseball heeded our request to do the right thing and voluntarily stepped up to the plate, leading by example and assuring that fewer kids will succumb to lifetimes of addiction and disease.

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