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December 2011 Tobacco Control in the News

Deadly Deception: The Tobacco Industry’s Secondhand Smoke Cover Up

Dec 7, 2011   Many of the of the tobacco industry’s underhanded strategies and tactics have been exposed, thanks to landmark legal cases and the hard work of public health advocates. Read More.

The Business Case Against Smoking in Movies

Dec 7, 2011   A new research report finds that smoke-free movies make more money at the box office than movies with smoking. Read More.

E-cigarettes: Threat or therapy?

Dec 6, 2011   Following the lead of at least 10 other communities in Massachusetts, the Boston Public Health Commission last week voted to ban the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces in the city, effectively prohibiting them from most places where smoking is also banned. Read More.

A Smoking Vaccine?

December 5, 2011   An anti-tobacco approach recently developed is based on the administration of an anti-nicotine vaccine. Read More.

State Smoking Ban Cuts Indoor Air Pollution 93 Percent

December 5, 2011   Michigan’s 18-month-old ban on smoking in restaurants is allowing Michigan patrons to breathe cleaner air. Read More.

Genes May Make Quitting Tougher for Smokers

December 2, 2011   Despite decades of public health efforts aimed at snuffing out cigarette smoking, 20 percent of Americans still light up. Read More.

New Research Initiative Examines Economic Impact of Smoke-free Policies on Restaurants and Bars

December 2, 2011   As part of ongoing efforts to reduce disease and death caused by smoking and secondhand smoke exposure, the CDC Foundation and CDC have launched a new initiative to study the economic impact of smoke-free policies on restaurants and bars in nine states. Read More.

Australia Bans Distinctive Cigarette Packaging—Should Others Follow?

December 1, 2011   A year from now, Australian smokers will have to look a whole lot harder to find their favorite brands of smokes thanks to a first-of-its-kind law requiring plain, unbranded cigarette packaging. Read More.

Cigar Lovers and Tobacco Industry Unite Against FDA Regulatory Agenda

December 1, 2011   Cigar lovers and the tobacco industry are united in their anger against the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations that threaten to make cigars prohibitively expensive and shut down scores of small cigar shops. Read More.

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