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November 2011 Tobacco Control in the News

Bill Would Ban Smoking at Federal Buildings

November 8, 2011   A California Democrat wants to ban smoking in and outside all federal buildings across the country, reigniting a years-long attempt to ban smokers from lighting up on, near and in sight of federal property. Read More.

U.S. Judge Blocks Graphic Cigarette Warnings

November 8, 2011   A federal judge blocked a U.S. rule requiring tobacco companies to display graphic images on cigarette packs, such as a man exhaling cigarette smoke through a hole in his throat. Read More.

Insurance Penalties for Smokers Draw Wide Support

November 7, 2011   Across the country, employers are rewarding some workers for healthy behavior and penalizing those who are overweight or smoke. NPR surveyed more than 3,000 adults across the country to see how they feel about these approaches. Read More.

Some More Likely to Quit Smoking after a Stroke than Others

November 7, 2011   Whether or not smokers give up the habit after having a stroke is influenced by the region of the brain damaged and their intention to quit smoking before having a stroke, according to research reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. Read More.

Nicotine Primes the Brain to Embrace Cocaine, Study Says

November 3, 2011   Nicotine appears to be a potent “gateway” drug that enhances the effects of cocaine and possibly boosts the chances of becoming addicted, researchers reported Wednesday in a landmark paper on drug addiction. Read More.

FDA Plans to Spend $600M on Multimedia Tobacco Education Campaigns; First is Aimed at Youth

November 3, 2011   The Food and Drug Administration is planning to spend about $600 million over five years to educate the public about the dangers of tobacco use. Read More.

Smoking Bans Backfiring at Some Hospitals

November 2, 2011   In some hospitals, smoke-free policies are creating unintended safety issues for patients and non-compliance seems to be the norm, according to new Canadian research. Read More.

Targeted Brain Stimulation Increases Cigarette Cravings

November 2, 2011   Scientists have found that stimulating brain activity may provoke relapse when smokers are attempting to quit, and these findings could lead to more targeted treatments, according to a study published in Biological Psychiatry. Read More.

CT Scans For Lung Cancer Screening May Be Beneficial In Detecting COPD

November 1, 2011   This method may be helpful as an additional tool in detecting COPD, according to a study in the October 26 issue of JAMA. Read More.    

Obama ‘Fit for Duty’ and Tobacco Free According to Latest Physical

November 1, 2011   The commander-in-chief passed his physical with flying colors and is “tobacco free”, according to a report released by the White House today. Read More.

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