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November 2011 Tobacco Control in the News

The Tobacco Horror Show

November 15, 2011   I’m sure you’ve noticed those TV ads for pharmaceutical products that include an incredibly long list of side effects and possible hazards recited by a cheerful voice as men and women are shown living the happy lives made possible by a drug that can inflict on them everything from bloating and joint pain to death. Read More.

Healthways Partners with GSK to Deliver First OTC Multi-Dimensional Smoking Cessation Program

November  15, 2011   Healthways, the leading well-being improvement company, has partnered with GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare to bring consumers the first-ever, over-the-counter (OTC) multi-dimensional smoking cessation program available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide. Read More.

Retailer Decisions to Stop Selling Tobacco Supported by Customers

November 14, 2011   Many customers welcome voluntary retailer abandonment of tobacco sales, according to a study published in BMC Public Health. Read More.

Negative Anti-Smoking Ads Turn Off Anxious Viewers

November 14, 2011   Certain types of anti-smoking ads may not be effective for young adult smokers who are generally anxious, according to a study published in Health Communication. Read More.

Most Smokers Want to Quit, Only a Fraction Actually Do

November 11, 2011   More than two-thirds of American smokers want to quit, but only a fraction actually do, underscoring a need for more services, messages, and access to medications to help them kick the habit, according to a new government report out today. Read More.

Miriam Hospital Leads in Smoking Research

November 11, 2011   The National Cancer Institute recently awarded a $2.6 million grant to Beth Bock, Ph.D., from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, to develop a system-based tracking and treatment program for emergency patients who smoke. Read More.

Top Five Myths About Smoking Among Teens

November 10, 2011   While teens may be aware that smoking is harmful to their health, they are also heavily influenced by what they hear from TV shows, movies, and friends and are more likely than adults to believe common myths about smoking. Read More.

Public Smoking Bans May Spill Over to Households

November 10, 2011   Smoking bans in public places have had a spillover effect by reducing smoking in homes as well, according to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Read More.

Money Woes May Drive Some Seniors to Smoke, Drink More

November 9, 2011   Some older adults may turn to alcohol or cigarettes as a way to cope with financial stress, particularly men and people with less education, a new study suggests. Read More.

Survey Finds Half of Beijing’s Restaurants Ignore Smoking Ban

November 9, 2011   A survey conducted by an environmental group finds that a government ban on smoking in indoor public venues has been completely ignored by half of Beijing’s restaurants, a finding that underscores the challenges of controlling tobacco in a country with 300 million smokers. Read More.

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