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Partnership for Prevention

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Engaging Employers in Tobacco Control

Workplace tobacco control efforts – including tobacco free policies and tobacco use treatment support – not only improve employee health, but also are highly cost-effective.  Tobacco use has both direct and indirect costs.  Smoking-related illnesses lead to substantial health care costs and tobacco use decreases employee productivity.  Individuals who quit using tobacco experience significant health benefits and the organizations that they work for yield positive returns.


Why Should You, as an Employer, Encourage Smoking Cessation?


The majority of secondhand smoke exposure occurs not only in homes, but also in workplaces.

Employees who smoke have much higher rates of absenteeism.

Tobacco use is the leading contributor to worker lost production time.

Smoking has serious health consequences.

Pregnant smokers are at an increased risk for miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight – all of which impact medical costs.  Smoking during pregnancy also increases the risk of stillbirth.


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The Bottom Line:


Investing in proven strategies to improve employee health is beneficial to an organization:

Tobacco use treatment improves health, increases productivity and reduces costs.

So now that you know about the benefits, it’s time to start doing something.  Below you will find tools and resources to help you get started.


Workplace Tobacco Control Interventions and Initiatives:
Here you will find a flowchart of various initiatives you can use to help reduce disease, death, lost productivity, and health care costs in your workplace.


Employer Case-Studies: The Implementation of Tobacco Control Practices:
Find out what other employers like you are doing to implement tobacco control policies.  These case studies will give you a brief overview of a company’s program background, program delivery, program monitoring, and other lessons learned.


Integris Health - Tobacco Free Community New





We have compiled a list of resources to help you get started.



Partnership for Prevention Resources


Smoke-Free Policies: Establishing a Smoke-Free Ordinance to Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Indoor Worksites and Public Places


Investing in a Tobacco Free Future: How it Benefits Your Bottom-line and Community


Investing in Health: Proven Health Promotion Practices for Workplaces


Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond


Why Invest: Recommendations for Improving Your Prevention Investment


Leading by Example: Leading Practices for Employee Health Management


Employer Tobacco Control Strategies Video Series (Jan. 30th – Feb. 1st 2008)

• Smoking Cessation Programs

Effective Tobacco Control Strategies



Federal Government Resources


CDC – Save Lives, Save Money: Make Your Business Smoke-Free


CDC – Healthier Worksite Initiative: Tobacco Free Workplace Toolkit



Featured Resources


How to help staff stop smoking


Mayo Clinic - Research Findings Show Smoke-Free Workplaces Reduce Heart Attacks


Health Education Council – Tobacco Cessation and Policy in The Workforce Development Setting


U.S. Office of Personnel Management – Quit Smoking


Milliman Report – Covering Smoking Cessation as a Health Benefit: A Case for Employers


NBGH – A Purchaser’s Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: Moving Science into Coverage (pg. 415-25)


NBGH – Tobacco: The Business of Quitting, An Employer’s Website for Tobacco Cessation


NBGH – Tobacco and Tobacco Cessation


Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids – Toolkit for Implementing Smoke-Free Laws


Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids – Model Tobacco Use Treatment Benefit Language


AHIP –  Making the Business Case for Smoking Cessation (ROI Calculator)


ANR – Going Smokefree in Your Workplace





Business Weighs in on St. Louis County Smoke-Free Policy


Fighting for Smoke-Free Air: Secondhand Smoke in Casinos


Straight Talk About Smoke-Free Workplace Laws


A Smoke Free Restaurant in Alaska


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