E-Cigs Sell Big Because They’re Perceived as Cooler

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E-Cigs Sell Big Because They’re Perceived as Cooler

June 5, 2014~ Electronic cigarettes are taking over the smoking cessation market because they’re cooler than other options, a new study suggests. Researcher Michael Steinberg of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the U.S. compared the popularity of e-cigarettes to that of nicotine inhalers. Steinberg and his team found that marketing schemes have made wannabe ex-smokers perceive ‘˜vaping’ as being cooler than other methods of nicotine delivery. While nicotine inhalers were approved in 1997 as safe and effective in improving smoking cessation rates, very little is known about the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. Researchers said that nicotine inhalers work when nicotine vapor is breathed in and absorbed through cells in the mouth lining, and past studies have shown that they are indeed safe and effective in terms of smoking cessation. Even still, nicotine inhalers and other FDA-approved pharmaceutical products are rarely used. In contrast, electronic cigarettes, which work by heating nicotine-containing solution to deliver vaporized nicotine, are becoming very popular among Americans who want to quit smoking.

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