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Individuals who live with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders are twice as likely to smoke as other people and consume 44 percent of all cigarettes smoked in America. When seeking mental health treatment, heavy smokers report substantially poorer well-being, greater symptom burden, and more functional disability compared to non-smokers. Individuals with mental health conditions should be asked if they are smokers and advised to quit, and identified smokers should have smoking cessation integrated into their overall treatment plan.

Web Resources

Smoking Cessation Leadership Center (SCLC)
SCLC builds partnerships between behavioral health and tobacco cessation services to increase nicotine dependence treatment resources in communities.

Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network (TCLN)
TCLN’s “Bringing Everyone Along” project provides resources to assist health professionals adapt their treatment services to the unique needs of tobacco users with mental health and substance use disorders.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
The NAMI Hearts & Minds program is an online, interactive, educational initiative promoting smoking cessation and other healthy choices for those who live with mental illness.

Fact Sheets

Procedure Coding for Smoking Cessation Counseling - American Psychiatric Association New

Resources on Smoking Cessation and Mental Illness - American Psychiatric Association New

Smoking and Mental Illness – CDC

Facts About Smoking and Mental Health Disorders – SCLC

Smoking and Mental Illness – NAMI


Learning About Healthy Living: TOBACCO AND YOU

Tobacco Treatment for Persons with Substance Use Disorders - Signal BHN
A smoking cessation toolkit for substance abuse treatment providers.

Smoking Cessation for Persons with Mental Illnesses - CU Denver
A smoking cessation toolkit for mental health providers.

Tobacco-Free Toolkit for Community Health Facilities - CU Denver
A policy toolkit for creating a tobacco-free environment in public health care organizations and treatment facilities.

Tobacco-Free Living in Psychiatric Settings - NASMHPD
A best practice toolkit for creating a tobacco-free psychiatric setting.

Intensive Tobacco Dependence Intervention: Persons Challenged by Mental Illness - URMC
A tobacco dependence intervention manual written by nurses for nurses.

Resource Guide for Health Professionals Providing Tobacco Cessation Services for People with Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders - TCLN
A resource guide providing recommendations for a variety of health professionals in different settings.


NASMHPD Position Statement on Smoking Policy and Treatment at State Operated Psychiatric Hospitals

APNA Position Statement on Psychiatric Nurses as Champions for Smoking Cessation

ATTUD Position Statement on Integrating Tobacco Treatment within Behavioral Health


Policies and Procedures for Tobacco-Free Facilities & Services in Wisconsin's Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment Programs New

Smoking Rate Among Adults with Serious Psychological Distress Remains High New

Intensive Tobacco Intervention with Persons Challenged by Mental Illness 

Practical Clinical Strategies for Delivering Evidence-Based Tobacco Dependence Interventions 

Vital Signs: Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults Aged ≥18 Years with Mental Illness — United States, 2009–2011

Break Free Alliance’s report Smoking in Low Socioeconomic Status Populations: Prevalence, Health Impact, Challenges and Recommendations 

Smoking Policies and Practices in State Psychiatric Facilities: Survey Results from 2011 

An online survey of tobacco use, intentions to quit, and cessation strategies among people living with bipolar disorder

Depression, Smoking, and Heart Disease: How Can Psychiatrists Be Effective?

Primary Care Providers Advising Smokers to Quit: Comparing Effectiveness Between Those With and Without Alcohol, Drug, or Mental Disorders

Smoking and Mental Illness — Breaking the Link

A Hidden Epidemic: Tobacco and Mental Illness

A Hidden Epidemic

Treating tobacco dependence in clinically depressed smokers: Effect of smoking cessation on mental health functioning

Tobacco use among individuals with schizophrenia: what role has the tobacco industry played?

Failure to treat tobacco use in mental health and addiction treatment settings: A form of harm reduction?

Smoking characteristics of adults with selected lifetime mental illnesses: Results from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey

A comprehensive model for mental health tobacco recovery in New Jersey

A Comprehensive report: Tobacco use among consumers of services of the Missouri Department of Mental Health

Confronting a Neglected Epidemic: Tobacco Cessation for Persons with Mental Illnesses and Substance Abuse Problems


NAMI Hearts and Minds—Quitting Smoking

Helping People with Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Quit Smoking—University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention

A Hidden Epidemic: Tobacco Use and Mental Illness—Legacy hosted a special Warner Series Lecture to address a devastating trend in public health

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