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ActionToQuit is a tobacco control policy program dedicated to reducing tobacco-related death, disease and cost through communication, education, and advocacy.

ActionToQuit has five core functions – communications, publications, education, advocacy and maintenance of the ActionToQuit website. Over 2200 tobacco control leaders and advocates are members of the ActionToQuit Network. Members receive daily communications on various topics in tobacco control including upcoming events, the latest research, funding opportunities, new publications, educational programs, and other resources. ActionToQuit regularly develops free publications and makes them available to tobacco control leaders and advocates. Webinars and interviews are conducted to educate the tobacco control community about current issues in policy and system change. ActionToQuit advocates for policies that will advance tobacco control, with an emphasis on increasing access to tobacco cessation services for all Americans. The website contains sections on worksite, hospitals, special populations, state activities, news, resources and more. The ActionToQuit website allows the public to stay informed and active about tobacco control.

Action to Quit is a tobacco control initiative sponsored by Altarum Institute. Altarum serves the public good by solving complex systems problems to improve human health, integrating research, technology, analysis, and consulting skills. Altarum Institute demonstrates and is sought for leadership in identifying, understanding, and solving critical systems issues that impact the health of diverse and changing populations.  Altarum is acknowledged as a valued, collaborative, and collegial institute of the utmost competence and integrity.

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